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  •  Spidermites Organic pesticide

Spidermites  Organic pesticide are now more needed than ever. That’s why we are proud to be the leading manufacturer of a safe and natural solution. It can be used from start to harvest without leaving a after taste. Its great for spidermites, aphids, fungus gnats, white flies, powder mildew and more. We used carefully selected ingredients that are non toxic.  made from plant-based ingredients with essential oils, thats harmless to use.

  • Safer pesticide alternative

This environmentally friendly Spidermites Organic pesticide are also safe for humans, plants, and pets alike. It doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients like chemicals, or synthetic substances that can  cause damage to the environment. It can be used indoor/outdoors with the lights ON/OFF, until the day of harvest.

  • Organic solution to combat Spidermites

ts easy to apply and non irritating to the skin. The formulation in our organic pesticide can be mixed well with water and it doesn’t clog any spraying equipment. It’s can also be used as a root drench to clean plants from unwanted bacteria. This helps to maximize plants health and it help to increase the BRIX level of the plant, which causes the plant to be less susceptible to insect attack.

  • The importance of checking a garden for Spidermites

Spidermites can lay upto 300-500 eggs every three to five days. This is why its important to check your leaves and spray your garden at least once per week to keep it pest and disease free. Our non toxic treatmnet helps to increase the plant BRIX level and make it less susceptible to insect attack, keeping it healthy and safe. It can be also used as a root drench to keep the plant safe from bacterial and help it to uptake nutrients more efficiently.

Having a clean, moisture free environment with the proper humidity helps to minimize to reproduction of spidermites in ones garden. mites can lay dormant into bricks or other area until the the ideal circumstances present itself. That’s why spraying the walls and removing dead eaves can effectively help to eradicate insects.

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